Vantastic Foods



These fantastic chicken balls come with a tasty seasoned sesame oil marinade and impress with their great shape and unique taste! A true speciality for all veggie poultry lovers which will inspire in various Asian dishes, seduce when fried and served with side dishes, enchant in soups and stews and convince as a chicken skewer on rice and salads. A very versatile product that will surely make it to our bestseller list! :)

Preparation tips: Sautéed and served with garnish, grilled as skewers, or simply boiled as chicken serving various main courses, the VEGGIE HAEHNCHENBAELLCHEN will truly enrich your wok! You can even nosh it right out of the wrapper!

CHILLED PRODUCT! Please store between 2° and 8°C. Vantastic Foods products generally can be frozen and thawed without problems. This product can be deep-frozen for up to 6 months on the day of purchase. Do not refreeze after thawing!

Vantastic Foods is especially committed to offering only products that do not contain genetically modified organisms. This way, we offer you the highest quality without genetic engineering and do not use artificial flavours or preservatives either. Moreover, our products do not contain any artificial flavour enhancers.

Ingredients: Soya fibre, wheat albumin, sugar, soya- and sesame oil, spices

Nutrition facts per 100 g: 
Energy 1428kJ / 341kcal
Protein 17.0g
Carbohydrate 21.0g
Fat 21.0g